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Our Solutions

From Your Lifestyle to Your Legacy, We’re Here Every Step of the Way

Your wealth isn’t what matters most, it’s the ability to enjoy financial freedom to "live more and worry less."  It's the peace of mind that a life well-lived today can provide a lasting legacy tomorrow. And while you know there are things you should be doing now to grow, preserve or protect your wealth, you also know you don’t have to go it alone.

At Sandbox Financial Partners, we craft comprehensive and personalized financial planning solutions to help you prioritize and reach your goals.

Investment Management

  • Institutional process
  • Fee-conscious approach
  • Security selection
  • Risk-managed strategies
  • Tax efficiencies
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Indexed & active management

Financial Planning

  • Risk tolerance
  • Asset allocation strategies
  • Investment policy statement
  • ESG investments
  • Stock concentration
  • Review ESPP and RSU
  • Annual review
  • Private investment evaluation

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement goal setting
  • Social Security & Medicare planning
  • Business planning
  • IRA contributions & Roth conversions
  • 401(k) & other retirement plans
  • Self-employed retirement plans
  • Annuities & pensions
  • RMDs and withdrawal strategies

Sustainable Investing

  • Socially responsible investing
  • Impact Investing
  • Gender Lens Investing
  • Faith Based Investing
  • Green Investing
  • ESG Investing

Tax & Estate Strategies

  • Review cost-basis
  • Review realized gains
  • Carry forward losses
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Deductions and credits
  • Potential Roth conversions
  • Wills, trusts and living wills
  • Power of attorney
  • Healthcare proxy
  • Estate taxes
  • Charitable giving

Fiduciary Services

  • Plan Status
  • Flexible partnerships & Vendor Management
  • Participant Education

Business Planning

  • 401(k) Plan Review
  • Liquidity Events
  • Succession Planning
  • Access to Lending Services
  • Business Counseling
  • Insurance Strategies

The Hierarchy of Financial Needs

Building a solid foundation centers on moving through each stage of the financial ladder. The stages illustrated provide essential lessons in both creating and retaining wealth.

Here’s What Partnering With Us Will Look Like For You

Step 1: Get Acquainted Bethesda, MD Sandbox Financial Partners

Step 01

Get Acquainted

Get started by scheduling your complimentary call with our team.

Step 2: Discovery Meeting Bethesda, MD Sandbox Financial Partners

Step 02

Discovery Meeting

In-person or virtually, we’ll begin to take a deeper dive into your unique financial picture.

Step 3: Organize and Plan Bethesda, MD Sandbox Financial Partners

Step 03

Organize & Plan

We’ll get to work collaboratively organizing and developing your holistic financial plan.

Step 4: Present and Implement Bethesda, MD Sandbox Financial Partners

Step 04

Present & Implement

We’ll discuss our findings and solutions and put your plan into action when ready.

Step 5: Ongoing Partnership Bethesda, MD Sandbox Financial Partners

Step 05

Ongoing Partnership

We’ll continue on your path toward financial freedom together through regular reviews and ongoing updates.

Ready to Get Started?

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Business Services

As a business owner, you’re caring for the future of many - yourself, your family and your employees. But balancing the day-to-day responsibilities you have with the ever-evolving financial needs of your business requires the help of a trusted and knowledgeable financial guide.

We Help Business Owners Balance

The Well-Being of Their Business Today


The Well-Being of Their Financial Future

Our Business Strategy Services Include:

401(k) Plan Review

  • Assess current plan provider
  • Review associated costs
  • Offer unbiased analysis of current plan

Liquidity Events

  • Focus on wealth preservation
  • Minimize tax obligations

Succession Planning

  • Develop an exit strategy
  • Discuss buy-sell planning
  • Offer Business valuation services

Lending Service Consultation

  • Lines of credit
  • Commercial real estate loans
  • SBA loans

Business Counseling

  • Identify areas for financial improvement
  • Work with multigenerational family members involved in the business
  • Offer second opinion services

Insurance Strategies

  • Assessing current policies
  • Determining if additional coverage is needed
  • Comparing costs and coverage of various providers

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Sandbox is not a qualified CPA firm, so we do not offer tax advice or prepare tax returns.  When appropriate, we are able to refer you to knowledgeable tax experts, should you need a CPA or have tax-related questions.