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Save Money, Make your own Nespresso Capsules Thumbnail

Save Money, Make your own Nespresso Capsules

You may want to consider this -  A Life Lesson, Trick, Tool or Strategy learned from Clients, Family, Friends, Mentors and other Special People!

 Written by: Rachael L. DeCosta, CDFA®

Last week I visited a friend.  She is a tea aficionado, her tea cart is a worthy competitor of the one at the London Ritz!  I was surprised when she led me into her kitchen and offered me a Nespresso – I identified her as my tea lady friend, not a Nespresso lady. Her kitchen Nespresso area was as beautiful as the tea cart, with the magnificently hued capsules creating an image that rivaled Van Gough.

My mind quickly went to the Nespresso sleeve I recently purchased at Bloomingdales as a housewarming gift and I swerved out of my lane and said “The pods, I mean capsules, are beautiful, but they are so expensive!”  She laughed and said “No kidding, we reuse the capsules with our own favorite coffee!”  I have never heard of such a thing.  I use gold filters for my K-Cups but could not imagine that Nespresso would compromise their revenue stream and permit the same.  Then she said, “I make them myself.” She is crafty, so it was not surprising.  She then demonstrated how she did it, and to be honest, it was so simple it could be a great project for your toddler!  I wanted to share this with you.

How to make your own Nespresso Capsules

  1. Buy the authentic Nespresso capsules and keep some on hand for that distinguished guest, or family member.  Rather than throwing away the used capsules, keep them, peel off the top, empty contents, wash and dry.  Important – Keep track of the SIZE and TYPE of the pod so that you can label your new lid by capsule color.  The Nespresso machine reads a code on the capsule to brew the perfect coffee or espresso.

  2. Purchase the foil Nespresso lids from Amazon.  Example:  Replacement Foil Lids for Nespresso  cost approximately 17 cents per lid, a far cry from over a dollar per capsule!

  3. With your permanent marker, label the lids with the SIZE and TYPE of coffee brewed for that color capsule.

  4. Take your favorite coffee, put the proper amount into the original capsule and seal with the correctly labeled replacement lid.

  5. Create your masterpiece of Nespresso capsules and you are ready to have your perfect cup of coffee for approximately 20% of the price!

Thank you to one of my favorite friends, formerly known as my tea lady, for this money saving tip!  This is not meant to channel Suzy Orman, at all, simply a tip to continue using your Nespresso machine and have a delicious cup of coffee or espresso drink for a fraction of the cost … while maintaining your Nespresso capsule artwork!  Enjoy!

If you have an actionable life lesson, trick, tool or strategy to share, please let me know!  Email me at rachael@sandboxfp.com