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Introducing Sandbox Charts

NEW - Sandbox Charts

In addition to the “Sandbox Commentary”, we will begin sending you our “Sandbox Charts” which will be one-page with 1-3 timely charts with timely information and perspective that we accumulate from our research.  If your preference is a quick snapshot instead of written commentary, then this is for you!  Many of these charts will also be posted to the Sandbox Social Media pages.  We hope you find this insight valuable and worthy of a quick glance! 

National Average of Gasoline Prices

Oil prices had a dramatic drop of -66% in Q1-2020 due to excess supply and a decline in demand (fewer people driving), the National Avg of Gas prices has dipped below $2/gallon as of 3-31-2020.


U.S. COVID-19 Cases

 A heat map of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. – the number of cases will continue to increase but social distancing and stay-at-home may start to show relief and a flattening of the curve soon.

Initial Jobless Claims, 10M in past 2 weeks

The reality of job losses and furloughs have seen a historic spike. Congress is providing expanded unemployment benefits and attempt to keep small businesses afloat with their CARES Act program.