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Are you contemplating a Gray Divorce? Thumbnail

Are you contemplating a Gray Divorce?

Are you contemplating a Gray Divorce?

Why? Unique Financial Considerations and Challenges of Divorce after FIFTY.

What do these celebrities all have in common?

Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver
Madonna and Guy Richie
Al and Tipper Gore
Bill and Melinda Gates
Jeff Bezos and McKenzie Scott
*McKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett

All of them experienced a divorce after the age of FIFTY, also known as a Gray Divorce (GD) or a Silver Splitter.

In 2021 GDs made up approximately 35% of all divorces in the United States. An April 2021 report released by the U.S. Census Department found that while overall divorce rates were decreasing, GDs increased more than twice the rate of any other age group surveyed. Interestingly, the report also found that remarriages experienced the highest divorce rate, ie McKenzie Scott.


  • Ready to trade the stability of marriage for the adventure and novelty of a new life.     
  • Empty nesters may no longer share common interests and become bored.
  • New norm of post retirement and expectations.
  • Financial ability to divorce and maintain separate households.     
  • Social acceptance.

Unique Financial Considerations

  • What are Social Security and Pension Benefits? Do I know all Retirement Accounts? Find That Lost 401(k)     
  • Are there hidden assets?
  • Do you fully understand the family finances? Assets? Liabilities? Cash Flow? Budget?
  • Are you emotionally tied to any of your assets? Business? Jewelry? Investment Property?     
  • Is there a Trust(s) in place and does it need to be updated and reviewed?


  • Longer marriage, greater financial ties.     
  • Dividing financial, property, business, and retirement assets can be more complicated     
  • There is less time to "make up" the losses to ensure a comfortable life in retirement.     
  • Starting over may be especially hard for women. Rose Colored Glasses and the 3 Ps of Transition 
  • Adult children may struggle with the breakup of their family or the loss of the family home.

Gray Divorces often introduce a more complex financial picture than divorces in younger individuals. The Divorce Consulting Group at Sandbox Financial Partners provides the compassion, guidance and security to individuals embarking on a Gray Divorce, so that they can Live More and Worry Less.

If you would like a free consult on your unique situation, please email Divorce@sandboxfp.com and we will get back to you to schedule a time that works with your schedule. Or visit our Divorce Consulting Page to learn more.